RIA News: DayMark Lures $1 Billion Team from Wells Fargo

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A Dynasty-backed RIA is welcoming a $1 billion Wells Fargo team of advisors. DayMark Wealth Partners has recruited multiple breakaway teams this year and this latest deal brings the firm's AUM to over $2.5 billion.
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DayMark Wealth Partner has just recruited a team from Wells Fargo Advisors with more than a billion dollars in client assets and 150 years of combined experience. The wirehouse group includes T. Rodney Twells, Andrew Sikorovsky, Joseph Schmidt, Kimberly Fitzgerald, Jacquelyn Gibbons, and Karen Suskowicz. They're coming to the dynasty backed in Ohio as the company group of DayMark Wealth Partners, Schmidt commented in the release that quote, the ability to customize investment solutions and serve clients in a true open architecture environment where attributes be required when making this decision. DayMark had another large breakaway team join earlier this year and this latest acquisition brings the firm's assets under management to about 2.5 billion.

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