ETF News - Columbia Threadneedle Launches Real Estate ETF

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Columbia Threadneedle Investments just announced a new ETF. The Columbia Research Enhanced Real Estate Fund, CRED, tracks the firm’s proprietary Beta Advantage® Lionstone Research Enhanced REIT Index following about 70-90 REITs across eight sectors, including Hotel & Resort, Residential, and Health Care REITs.
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Columbia Threadneedle Investments is expanding its suite of ETFs with the launch of a new real estate fund, the Columbia Research Enhanced real estate fund at ticker cred has a core allocation to the US real estate sector and follows the firm's proprietary beta advantage limestone Research enhanced re-index that index tracks about 70 to 90 rates across eight sectors including specialized industrial diversified, hotel and resort, residential, retail office, health care rates. Head of strategic is Mark Zun said in the release that real estate has long played an important role in portfolio diversification, and there are many ways to access the asset class across the liquidity spectrum. He adds that with the launch of CRED, they're offering investors and allocators a differentiated research-driven way to improve their benchmark exposures to real estate.

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