JPMorgan’s Michele Calls Some Yields Out There “Gifts”

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Bob Michele, JPMorgan Asset Management's Head of Fixed Income, advises that this is an opportune time to collect coupon payments. With real yields reaching their highest level in more than 15 years, he expects nearly double-digit returns on the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index in the coming year.
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JP Morgan Asset Management's head of fixed income. Bob Michell says right now is the time to clip your coupons with real yields at their highest point in over 15 years. He's looking for near double digit returns on the Bloomberg aggregate bond index over the next year.

Yields have reset materially higher from where they were at the end of 2021. Actually, when you look at real yields in the bond market, they're the highest level going back 15, 17 years, we're going to get some capital appreciation on top of the coupon clipping. I'm looking for close to double digit returns on the Bloomberg aggregate over the next year.

Just wondering what he likes most Michelle is favoring the five year US treasury and investment grade corporate bonds.

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