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Guiding His Client to an Impactful and Enduring Approach to Charitable Giving


Advisor Tom knew that a Schwab Charitable™ donor-advised fund account could be the key to unlocking his client’s true philanthropic power and maximizing her tax savings. She agreed, and now she’s able to give more to her favorite causes and guide future generations to do the same. Hear their story to learn how to help your clients make a bigger impact.

Nancy is a donor of Schwab Charitable™ and Tom is an independent advisor. They were not compensated by Schwab Charitable for their comments. The experience described may not be the experience of all clients. Schwab Charitable does not provide specific individualized legal or tax advice. Please consult a qualified legal or tax advisor where such advice is necessary or appropriate. 

Schwab Charitable Fund™ is recognized as a tax-exempt public charity as described in Sections 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please be aware that Schwab Charitable has exclusive legal control over the assets you have contributed. Schwab Charitable is the name used for the combined programs and services of Schwab Charitable Fund, an independent nonprofit organization which has entered into service agreements with certain subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation. 

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