Guggenheim Eyes Private Credit; Managers Want ESG Bonds; Orion Adds BlackRock SMAs

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Guggenheim Partners believes there is a vast market for private credit and investors should look at higher quality. A new report reveals the role that higher yields and ESG bonds are playing. Orion is increasing access to fixed income for advisors with the addition of BlackRock SMAs on its Orion Portfolio Solutions platform.
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Guggenheim Partners Investment Management CIO Anne Walsh says that there is a vast market out there for private credit with opportunities to manage credit requirements and covenants and to increase protection for investors. She also tells Bloomberg that staying higher in credit quality is probably going to benefit investors.

And a new study from Coalition Greenwich finds that 94% of fixed income investors plan to up their allocations to ESG bonds in the next two years. The report also revealed that despite this emphasis on ESG, yield is the most important factor right now driving investments in fixed income.

Finally, Orion Advisor Solutions is expanding its partnership with the world's largest asset manager by bringing BlackRock's Fixed Income separately managed accounts to the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform. The goal is to increase access to fixed income for advisors.

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