Global Clean Energy - Powering the Future

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Companies have been adapting to meet the energy needs of consumers for decades and today consequential investments are being made in clean, renewable, and sustainable companies and technologies that will power the energy needs of the future. This sustained and accelerating market shift – propelled by a dynamic alignment of governmental & corporate policy around the world as well as changing cost curves – presents a compelling opportunity for investment into clean energy technology and equipment providers, clean energy producers, and clean energy transmission and distribution. Today Clean Energy represents about 10% of global consumption (Source: Vestas). We expect Clean Energy to grow to about one third of all global electricity consumption by 2035. Major changes to entire value chain affects generation, transmission, distribution and storage. Clean Energy is a long-term capital replacement cycle, not a short term trend. By owning a portfolio of the best positioned utility, industrial, technology, and energy companies that are leaders in clean and sustainable energy, investors have the opportunity to attain an attractive total return through capital appreciation and current yield, while capitalizing on the ongoing secular trend of ESG investment. The webinar will discuss many of the issues above that are driving this asset class today, as well as key issues as to how investors and allocators should properly think about and define Clean Energy investments so that they are not trapped in strategies that are not linked to this powerful transformation.
Channel: Duff & Phelps
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