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Joel Hirsh, CFA, Co-CIO, Kovitz Investment Group Partners discusses the Kovitz Core Equity ETF (EQTY), built to be the core compounding vehicle in a portfolio, and how the fund’s focus on fundamentals might actually benefit from a higher rate environment.
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Welcome to this edition of the ETF Show. I'm here with Joel Hirsch, CO, CIO at Covitz Investment Group partners, Joel.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Thank you for having me.

So what's the name of the ETF that you're here today? Representing?

We're talking about the Covitz core equity ETF. And what's the ticker that goes under?

It is E Q T Y for equity.

And what is the strategy behind this fund?

It's a core strategy meant to be the core compounding vehicle in a portfolio. And it's a fundamentally driven research process where we have a universe of stocks, all businesses that we think are well above average and we try to purchase them and attract the prices.

And why is this strategy particularly relevant at this point in time?

The last was very interesting because interest rates were very close to the zero bound. And that really changed a lot of market behavior as interest rates have moved off zero. We think a lot of things that haven't mattered for the last 10 years but did matter for many decades before, primarily what is a business worth is going to be more meaningful, and we think you're already seeing that in-house stocks are behaving in the last year. This ETF should take advantage of that.

 And who is your target investor for the fund?

The fund could be used in a wide range of portfolios but primarily high net worth investors looking to compound their taxable assets in a tax-efficient manner. This fund is very well suited for those portfolios.

 Well, Joel, thank you very much for sharing us with us this morning.

My pleasure.

Thanks for having me and to our viewers.

Thanks for watching  Asset TV. I'm Jonathan Forsman. We'll see you next time.

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