RIA News: Merrill Team Breaks Away to Launch Crescent Harbor Private Wealth

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Former Merrill Lynch CEO Dave Komansky's nephew is part of a team that is breaking away to create Crescent Harbor Private Wealth, an independent advisory firm. Crescent Harbor prioritizes ethics and clients' best interests, offering tailored financial planning, investment solutions, and family office services. They also collaborate with CPAs and attorneys for comprehensive planning.
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A team -including the nephew of former Merrill Lynch CEO Dave Komansky- is breaking away from the wirehouse to launch their own independent advisory firm called Crescent Harbor Private Wealth.

Managing Partner Jason Greenfield commented in the release, “While too many traditional firms continue to push products, Crescent Harbor is committed to being a culture known for always putting ethics and the best interests of clients above all else.”

Headquartered in Jersey City, Crescent Harbor offers tailored financial planning, complete investment solutions, and personalized family office services.

The new RIA also works with CPAs and attorneys to provide a fully aligned and detailed planning process.

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