Retirement Spending: Revolutionize Your Thinking

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Visit our retirement spending webpage for more information about how there’s long been an assumption that retirees view their retirement savings as money to be spent down throughout their retirement years. But recent research uncovers that while 30% of retirees want to use their savings to generate income and support their spending in retirement, the other 70% want something else.¹

In this recorded presentation “Retirement Spending: Revolutionize Your Thinking” we will discuss:
  • The different preferences of Spenders and Savers
  • How conventional wisdom about retirement spending compares to actual retiree behavior
  • What might be motivating Saver behavior

After the session, you will be better equipped to assess an individual’s preferences and map solutions to those preferences.

¹Source: T. Rowe Price Retirement Savings and Spending Study (2021), Question 83, Tables 232-1 and 233-1
Note: Inflation assumptions used in the presentation are for illustrative purposes only. Actual inflation may be higher or lower.

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