Resilience: Getting back in the game

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  • 01 hr 18 mins 36 secs
Successful organizations, successful people and successful athletes are resilient. We are all going to face adversity and have to come back from it. How we come back defines us.
MassMutual is pleased to host this motivational webinar with Dr. Kevin Elko, bestselling author and top-rated keynote speaker, as he focusses on Resiliency and why it’s important. Resiliency can be defined as the ability to recover after a difficulty. It also means the ability to spring back into shape. But this session goes deeper than that - why waste what has happened to you and that what you are doing if you merely spring back into shape? How about going to a better shape?
This is what Dr. Elko uses when he works with successful organizations and championship sports teams. Learn how to become resilient and take your performance to the next level!



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