Nearly 30% of Advisors Are Turning to Alts–FPA Survey

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After a tough year for standard portfolios, advisors are increasingly adopting alternative investments, per a Financial Planning Association survey. About 30% are exploring these options to diversify and manage risk beyond stocks and bonds. Private equity leads among alternatives, followed by structured products. Some advisors avoid these due to liquidity concerns.
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After one of the toughest years for traditional portfolios, advisors are increasingly turning to alternative in vestments according to a survey by the Financial Planning Association. Nearly 30% of respondents said that they are actively investing in or seeking out alternative assets on behalf of their clients. Diversification and risk mitigation were among the top objectives for advisors expanding beyond stocks, bonds and cash. Private equity was the leading alternative asset class, followed by structured products. Among advisors who opted to refrain from alternatives, lack of liquidity was listed as their greatest concern.

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