Insurance & COVID-Related Impacts Still Yet to Come in the Muni Bond Market

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Right now, many states, cities, and counties are flush with cash, thanks to Federal aid. Suzanne Finnegan, Chief Credit Officer at Build America Mutual, and JR Rieger of the The Rieger Report discuss how that could impact their long-term credit strength and other sectors that could still see COVID-related impacts in the future.
Channel: Municipal Bonds
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Assured Guaranty

Assured Guaranty is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance. They guarantee timely payment of scheduled principal and interest when due on municipal, public infrastructure, and structured financings. The Company also provides institutional asset management services.
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Build America Mutual

Build America Mutual is the only bond insurer that solely guarantees timely payment of interest and principal on U.S. municipal bonds, and has insured more than $115 billion for essential public projects in more than 5,000 communities nationwide. BAM is rated AA/Stable by S&P Global Ratings, and the BAM GreenStar assessment provides an independent, third-party verification of a transaction’s green bond status.
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