ETF News - BlackRock Launches Two New Active ETFs

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Blackrock launched two active ETFs that will be managed by Rick Rieder and Tony DeSpirito. The BlackRock Flexible Income ETF focuses on harder-to-reach fixed-income sectors, while the BlackRock Large Cap Value ETF targets U.S. large-cap value companies. These launches will help the firm meet the growing demand for active management in ETFs, with BlackRock experiencing significant inflows in Q1 2023.
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Black Rock launched two new active ETFS which will be the first to be managed by Rick Rider and Tony Dedo. These ETFS combine Blackrock's Alpha seeking expertise with the benefits of ETFS. The Black Rock flexible income ETF is designed to deliver long term income by focusing on harder to reach fixed income sectors including high yield, emerging market, debt and securitized assets. Rick Rider who will run the fund commented, our core investment approach is simple, make a little bit of money a lot of times it seems pretty simple. The fund will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, ARCA under B INC. The Black Rock large cap value E F which will be run by Tony Deo is designed to maximize total return by targeting us large cap value companies leveraging the expertise of Blackrock's fundamental equities platform. The fund is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange ARCA under the tier BL CV. Launching these active EFS expands Black Rocks offerings and meets the growing demand for active management within the ETF structure. Blackrock saw $68 billion of active net inflows in the first quarter of 2023

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