D.A. Davidson on the Generative AI Revolution

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D.A. Davidson Mng Dir/Head:Institutional Research Gil Luria weighs in on the AI boom and what it means for companies' bottom lines. He tells Bloomberg TV the names where he sees more of an immediate impact.
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It's going to take time to see how the A I boom plays out and for companies hoping to capitalize on this trend, it all comes down to execution. Says Gil Luria, he's managing director and head of institutional research at D A Davidson. Loria goes on to tell Bloomberg where he sees potential profits and revenues from the generative A I revolution.

Yeah, there's only a handful of companies where the generative A I revolution is going to impact fiscal 23 results. Microsoft is one of them. They've already started talking about how much it's driving their Azure business, their big business C three A I is another one. They're getting so many inbound calls about A I that it's generating more leads for them than they really ever had.

And so those two are companies that are going to have an impact on 2023. On the flip side, you have a company like check that people no longer need to use for doing their homework because they can just use a chat from either Google or Microsoft to do their homework. And so those are 2020 three result impacts for most other software companies and beyond that, it's gonna take time to see how this plays out. It's gonna be about execution, how well you are positioned at the outset is important. But what you do once you're in that position is far more important.

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