Crypto Sectors: Understanding and Categorizing the Digital Asset Landscape

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As the broad spectrum of digital assets grows, how does one categorize this sprawling and ever evolving landscape? The answer is simple. The Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS). DACS provides crypto taxonomy with reliable, comprehensive and standardized industry definitions and classifications for digital assets. It delivers a transparent and standardized method of determining sector and industry exposure, facilitate portfolio attribution analysis and help pinpoint investment opportunities.

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In this course, you will learn about the sectors in DACS, its popular assets, and what advisors and investors should pay attention to from a categorization level and future digital asset outlook.

Learning Objectives:
  • Definitions and unique aspects of DACS Sectors: DeFi, Digitization, Computing, Currency, Smart Contract Platform and Culture & Entertainment
  • The main industries and popular assets inside each sector
  • What significance each sector holds for the industry
  • Why should advisors pay attention to each of the various sectors
  • Data Reliability: The significance of digital asset data quality, shortcomings and benchmarking
  • Traditional Assets versus Digital Assets: Key differentiating factors in categorization and index construction
  • Institutional Resources: What investors use to classify and benchmark digital assets

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