Asset Allocation Committee Viewpoints - Beyond the Noise: Decoding Low Rates and Crypto

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Asset allocation is one of most important decisions an investor can make that will determine whether they meet their investing goals. Even the best stock pickers or fixed income investors will fall short of their goals without understanding and practicing prudent asset allocation.

Amid the emergence of the Delta variant and reopening friction, the economic and investment script for 2021 has been turned on its head. Trends toward accelerating economic growth and rising interest rate trends seen in the first quarter of the year, for example, have since reversed. Meanwhile, sharply higher inflation levels are proving to be more persistent than consensus expectations, while domestic interest rates now hover near historic lows. After exceptionally strong year-to-date returns, questions are also surfacing about where equity markets go from here. Amid this uncertainty, the evolution of cryptocurrency and block-chain technology continues and is driving revolutionary change in disruptive decentralized finance, also known as “DeFi”.

In this Asset Allocation Viewpoints webcast, fixed income portfolio manager Steve Bartolini and equity investment analyst Dante Pearson join head of multi-asset Sébastien Page and moderator Chris Dillon to discuss the timing and pace of economic recovery, the interest rate environment, cryptocurrency and disruptive technologies and what it all could mean for asset allocation.

Channel: T. Rowe Price
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