2023 Outlook: Structured Credit

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In this video Senior Portfolio Manager, Jason Callan, discusses the environment for structured credit and housing in 2023, and he emphasizes how well investors are being compensated to participate in the space.
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The opportunity as we go through 2023, we think, is all about housing and the uncertainty as it unfolds.

And investors are clearly being compensated quite well to participate in that space.

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2022 was a very challenging year as interest rates backed up in such a meaningful and aggressive manner.

It went from an environment where mortgage rates were right around 3% to start the year to wrapping up the year, you know, right around 7 to 7 and a half percent.

In terms of the opportunities that we think about where we go from here, it's really the ability to kind of bifurcate or delineate what borrowers are at risk versus which borrowers are potentially not at risk and tend to be a much more isolated or insulated from some of that behavior.

So, focusing on assets that you have a lot of protection either in terms of the underlying loan profiles, the capital structure -- what kind of protections do you have as a bond investor through things like credit enhancement and various other attributes?

And then most importantly, how well are you being compensated to take on that risk?

While there are risks and still uncertainty in the markets, we think the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities are by focusing on higher quality investments within the structured product market.

You know, things like agency mortgages or higher rated sectors of the capital structure.

High-quality assets are at the widest spreads that, broadly, they have ever been at.

And as you look at credit-based sectors of the market, you know, much of it foretells a lot of concerning fundamental behavior.

And so investors are being compensated for, you know, what can potentially be a mild to modestly rough recession.

And that's not necessarily the case in many other sectors of the market.

So from our perspective, you know, investors are being well compensated for whatever the potential investment outcomes or economic outcomes are in 2023.


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