2023 Outlook: Equities

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In this video Melda Mergen, global head of equities, discusses why she believes 2023 may be an inflection point for the equity markets.
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We are very excited about 2023.

It is not a call that the market is finding its trough, but we know that going down is not forever and that's where we are hoping that 2023 is going to be an inflection point.

When we are in an environment that the economy is weaker and really growth is challenged, definitely you need to pay more attention to the balance sheet quality.

The quality of the company's operations and their cash flows in the way of they are generating more consistently and sustainable ways.

And also it is very important, a lot of our clients rely on income still from equity.

So in that way the free cash flow, which is the really free cash flow for the companies to pay back to their shareholders becomes much more important.

Although we generally try to be style neutral, we still think there are opportunities more in value than growth coming into 2023.

But there are certain areas where we know that value covers, like still the cyclical areas -- industries or the energy materials -- will be benefiting in 2023. But growth is becoming more interesting.

So there was a whole re-rating going on in 2022.

If you believe that is done, I think growth will be very interesting too.

But most of the portfolios and clients that we speak to, we try to make sure that you don't go too far in one direction or the other.

When we look at the valuations around the globe at the region or country level, everything looks really cheap.

So in that way there are so many opportunities globally that we can invest in.

We are very much, still focusing on, internationally, Europe. It's very challenged.

We are definitely expecting the economies to be slowing.

But at the company level, with the connection to the rest of the world, there are still a lot of European companies, exporters are taking advantage of dislocation.

EM markets and specifically China is very important in the allocation of equity portfolios. So instead of shying away from it, I think staying active and buying the right stocks in those markets will be very, very important this year.

We believe the markets will stay volatile in 2023, but we see that as an opportunity, not as a challenge for us because we can definitely find ideas and really good entry and exit points because volatility gives you that opportunity.

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