$1.4 Trillion NEPC Launches New DEI Ratings System

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Institutional clients will be able to use NEPC’s new DEI ratings system to enhance their DEI goals and augment data. The ratings will help give a better picture of manager’s diversity initiatives and reveal hidden biases and blindspots.
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NEPC is unveiling a new DEI ratings system for institutional clients following the success of its ESG ratings. The investment consultant and OCIO provider with $1.4 trillion in assets under advisement says that the new system will help managers act upon their diversity goals and gain access to more comprehensive data.

NEPC adds that the ratings can be used to collect insights into each manager’s diversity initiatives, to uncover biases that could hinder diversity efforts or enhance the risk of blind spots or groupthink, and to gain the competitive edge and performance advantage statistically associated with more diverse corporate environments.

Will Forde, Partner and Co-Chair of the Diverse Manager Committee commented in a release "With well over half of our clients using Diverse Managers, we recognize the progress that we’ve made when thinking about engagement with diverse-owned and -led firms, but recognize the work that needs to be done in order to maintain and improve upon those efforts.”

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