How the Tide is Turning on ESG

ESG investing is at an inflection point. COVID-19 has exposed health, social, financial and political inequities around the world. Conviction-based investing is more top of mind than ever and is increasingly coming up in advisor discussions.

Divesting, Decarbonizing, De-risking, and Aligning with 1.5°C: Climate Change Investing in 2020

Investors recognize that climate change is one of the most pressing threats to society, and that alignment offers potential opportunities for capital appreciation. In spite of that, choice paralysis can creep in when investors face the ever-growing number of climate change products, many of which operate using different terminologies and objectives.

ESG Goes Mainstream in the Wake of 2020 Upheavals

In 2020, the effects of climate change and COVID-19 have exposed environmental, social, and governance issues around the world and accelerated interest in ESG investing. With so much uncertainty ahead, many advisors are tasked with helping clients invest in a brighter future without compromising their investment objectives.

Using ESG Data to Simplify the Complex

Interest in ESG investments continues to grow as the number of indexed ESG assets more than doubled from 2018 to 2019. What’s still under discovery is the role data can play. In other words, as investors and corporates continue to fine-tune their focus on financial and environmental performance, how can data inform decision-making and provide greater transparency?

ESG: A Powerful Conversation You May Not Be Having With Clients

Once considered a niche segment of the market, ESG is now seen as a vital source of potential growth and risk protection. That's why many advisors are now introducing their clients to ESG investing as a core portfolio strategy.

ESG: From the Margins to the Mainstream

Can investors integrate ESG factors while retaining broad market exposure and its associated returns? Join us and CVM as we bring together practitioners who are using index-based strategies to successfully incorporate ESG values into their investment portfolios.