• Research Analysts Add Value: Here’s Proof

    What’s more accurate: forecasts by research analysts or forecasts by management?

    It turns out that post-event forecasts by analysts — specifically, those conducted after recent results or management guidance — are more on target than those of management, according to a study by AKRO Investiční společnost, a Czech investment firm.

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  • Be Your Own Chief Compliance Officer

    Finance has evolved from a trade to a profession over the past century. While money management has existed in some form, however rudimentary, for thousands of years, it has had to continuously adapt in order to keep up.

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  • Weekend Reads for Investors: Happy New Year Edition

    I hope 2017 is a prosperous year for each of you.

    To kick it off, I would like to highlight a CFA Institute member product that will help make you a better investor: our newly released Meditation Guide for Investment Professionals. Also, check out our LinkedIn group for CFA Institute members who are meditators. Evidence demonstrates that meditation can upgrade your mind, so more related content is in the works.

    There are many boundary-pushing, thoughtful pieces for me to share with you this month, so let me get to it.

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  • Off the Fence: Three Tips to Help Women Start Investing

    I am a runner — a Canadian runner.

    Summers are fine, but on the worst days of winter, the temperature can plunge to -25 Celsius with the wind chill. I wear all the right clothes, but stepping outside in that kind of cold is a shock. It is just so difficult to get motivated. After a few minutes of movement, I am nice and warm, loving the crisp air and sunshine, and smiling at other runners. But no matter how great the run turns out to be, that first step is the most difficult.

    I think you know where I am headed. Whether it’s running or investing, getting started is the hardest part for most people — women included.

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  • Trump vs. China: Risk or Opportunity?

    China is a big, and often mysterious, factor in the world’s economies. In recent years China has created a massive pile of debt. At this point total Chinese debt is about 250% of GDP, the highest among any large emerging market country. Between 2007 and 2015 they created 63%, or $16 trillion, of the growth in the entire world’s money supply. Why?

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