Asset TV Top Source of Video Content on Bloomberg System

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It is the indispensable tool for institutional investors, pensions, consultants, and family offices. Asset TV's positioning as a top source of sponsored video content on the Bloomberg system makes Asset TV the best way to deliver an asset manager story directly to the investors they want to reach most.

Here's how it works:

Bloomberg users have made Asset TV a favorite. Others simply go to the sources area and search for Asset TV using the code TVA. They see Asset TV's latest content. Click on a story, and up pops a viewer displaying the linked video. But the real benefit of Asset TV's partnership with Bloomberg is that all Asset TV content is tagged and integrated into the Bloomberg search engine. After viewers watch the video of their choice, they can then click on Asset TV's embedded links. Whenever a company or an executive appears within an Asset TV video, that name is tagged on Bloomberg's bio pages, company pages, and Twitter feeds. This way, anyone gathering information about the asset management company or portfolio manager will be drawn to the appropriate Asset TV video. They can even share the video with contacts inside their terminal messaging address book.

You know the power of video, and you know the power of Bloomberg. Asset TV harnesses both to reach financial professionals and investment decision-makers. Let's tell your story together.

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